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Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

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Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames is "a complete guide to understanding market structure and the psychology of price movement".

It is very important to note here that the author focuses on the stock market but that the methods and strategies used are more than applicable to Fx Trading.

However, due to this fact, this cannot be considered a beginners Fx Trading book and a lot of the terminology and concepts will be wasted on someone without, at least, a basic understanding of the markets.

However, if you already have this base level of understanding, then this is one of the best books on technical analysis. With a 4.7 star rating from 115 reviews, plenty of people agree!

Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames goes further than what the title suggests, as it delves deeper into the topics of short selling, target identification and stop-loss order placement. Brian Shannon takes the reader through the essentials of technical analysis and then, with practical images and explanations, illustrates how to integrate those into a coherent methodology. When applied correctly to a Forex Trading Strategy, the techniques are guaranteed to garner profitable results!

We firmly believe that this is a crucial book for intermediate and professional Forex Traders alike who want a clearer understanding of the principles behind bull and bear market trends and movements. We particularly liked the simplicity of this book's focus on price action, and its illustration of how trends unfold through various time frames.

We stress that you must read this book if you are looking to be consistently profitable in Fx Trading!

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